Blog Origins

My vegan blog (Mischievous Monsters) started in December 2019 to increase my writing samples for publishing my crime thriller manuscript, Within the Terror. I named my blog after my two naughty cats at the time, Edward and Crash. Since then, I adopted Patches and Sabrina and started a YouTube channel and podcast.

Meet the Team

Megan McFadden

I’m Megan, aka the vegan autistic. I’ve been vegan since March 2017. I enjoy making jigsaw puzzles, writing, traveling, watching telenovelas, and blogging in my spare time. I am bilingual in English and Spanish. I dream of turning this hobby into a full-time job, but we’ll see how that goes.

I grew up on a farm in rural Iowa and attended a small Catholic school. After graduating from college, I worked in digital marketing at a manufacturing firm. In Fall 2021, I moved to an acreage near my hometown to live closer to family. Now, I work at a local church.

Edward McFadden

Edward was born in August 2017 and was brought to the Greenbelt Humane Society in October 2017. He suffers from anxiety and irritable bowel syndrome from an abusive home. Right after I bought my first house, I adopted Edward on July 16, 2019.

Edward has given me a lot of presents since then (poop). After experimenting with many cat food brands and giving my cats a B12 supplement in their water, he had greatly improved pooping in the litter box. Edward enjoys sleeping on his mommy’s chest, getting into a bunch of places he shouldn’t be in, making biscuits in blankets, and playing with his siblings.

Crash McFadden

Crash started his life in September 2018. He was brought to the cat shelter in July 2019 after someone accidentally hit him with a car. I started fostering him on December 4, 2019, and then adopted him on December 11, 2019.

Crash sometimes forgets that he’s missing his right leg and does a little dance when he tries to use it. He’s the naughtiest cat I have. His favorite hobbies include watching TV, mirroring Mommy using her electronics, wrecking decoration displays, eating human food, and climbing to the highest spots in the house possible.

Patches McFadden

Patches came into this world in August 2019. She went to the Story County Animal Shelter in November 2019 with a horrible eye infection that ultimately made her lose her right eye. I adopted her on July 23, 2020, making me one of the many adopting pets during COVID-19.

After Patches overcame her initial shyness, she became the alpha female who reminds everybody who’s boss. She falls a lot and has poor balance because of having one eye. Patches enjoys scattering cat toys throughout the house, sitting behind mommy’s head on the couch, playing with cat trees and scratchers, and watching out the window.

Sabrina McFadden

Sabrina was born in August 2021. When she was two months old, my dad found her while doing farm work on October 15, 2021. He was stupid enough to tell me that he found a black kitten in one of his sheds, and I tamed her within 24 hours of finding her.

Yes, Sabrina has four legs and two eyes; no, she isn’t a special needs cat. She was born a month before I moved to my current residence. Sabrina started off as an outdoor kitten and became a full-time indoor kitty on November 7, 2021. She loves licking my face and ears, sitting on my laptop, stealing my food, and playing with cat toys.

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