2023 Landscaping Diary

2023 Landscaping Diary
Photo by Daniel Watson / Unsplash

Landscaping Diary 3: My Gardening Shed (3/5/23)

Here are my ideas for my gardening shed and what produce and flower seeds I have.

Landscaping Diary 2: Cleaning Up Brush (3/4/23)

Today, I cleaned up some brush around my grape vines, started removing the former owner’s compost area (blocks only for now), and cleaned a bit of the asparagus patch.

My dad assisted by using a saw and sawzall to cut branches and used a skid loader to dispose of the old compost’s concrete blocks. Don’t use this equipment at home unless you’re properly trained.

Note that I throw all food scraps in my dad’s field. Composting is way too much work, and I would rather focus on other outdoor projects, like replacing that area with an extension of my garden.

Landscaping Diary 1: Trimming Trees (3/2/23)

Here are some of my tips on trimming trees.