25 Vegan Pizza Recipes

25 Vegan Pizza Recipes


When you think of pizza, which flavors come to mind? I’m pretty sure some may include pepperoni, Hawaiian, cheese, and cheesy and/or meaty pizzas. That logic makes perfect sense because those are pretty standard pizzas that most pizza chains sell.

The truth is there are so many more types of pizza out there. Whether you’re vegan or not, here are 25 irresistible vegan pizzas that will convince you to expand your definition of what you consider pizza, including but not limited to the following.

  1. Coconut Mushroom Pizza
  2. Buffalo Chickpea Pizza
  3. Eggplant Pizzas
  4. BLT Pizza
  5. Coconut Peanut Butter Apple Pizzas
Megan McFadden

Megan McFadden

Megan is the owner of Mischievous Monsters. She has been vegan since March 2017 and likes making jigsaw puzzles, cooking, gardening, watching telenovelas, and biking in her spare time.
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