50 Vegan Christmas Recipes

50 Vegan Christmas Recipes
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50 Vegan Christmas Recipes


The last Christmas blog post I have for you is on vegan Christmas recipes. I chose to do it last because it was the hardest to do. This list focuses on fun Christmas-themed recipes over recipe recommendations for your Christmas festivities, ranging from a Grinch cake to snow globe cupcakes.

Try these vegan Christmas recipes today.

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1. Veggie Tray Wreath

One of the easiest things to make vegan is a veggie tray because all you need is plain, raw veggies and your favorite thing of hummus. Here’s a veggie tray wreath from Make It Dairy Free.

2. Arctic Seal Cake

I saw a decent number of seals on my trip to Alaska, but there weren’t any Arctic seals because we were too far south. Try an Arctic seal cake from The Little Blog of Vegan.

Check out my vegan Alaska travel guide.

3. Vegan Snowball Cookies

Last winter, I won a fort competition against my siblings before a snowball fight because our mom decided to take a family photo with my snow fort and not any of theirs. Have snowball cookies from The Edgy Veg.

Here are more vegan cookies.

4. Vegan Snowperson Salted Caramel Cake

For gender neutrality, more and more people now call a snowman a snowperson. Bake a snowperson cake with the help of Romy London.

Try these vegan cake recipes.

5. Vegan Peppermint Candy Cane Cookies

It’s one thing to have a candy cane, but it would be even better to have a candy cane cookie. Here are peppermint candy cane cookies from The Curious Chickpea.

You may be interested in my vegan peppermint blog post.

6. Christmas Tree Appetizer

I initially thought this was a cut-up artichoke, but fortunately, it’s made out of pastry dough instead. Here’s a Christmas tree appetizer from Gourmandelle.

7. Snowpeople Meringue Cookies

These are some of the cutest Christmas cookies I’ve ever seen. Have these snowpeople meringue cookies from Vegan Huggs.

8. Eggnog Snow Globe Cupcakes

If you’re vegan or have an egg allergy or sensitivity, there’s a decent selection of vegan eggnog available seasonally in many grocery stores. Use some to make eggnog snow globe cupcakes from Vegan Dollhouse.

Here are more vegan eggnog recipes.

9. Disney Frozen Cake

The biggest Disney winter movie is Frozen, and that is obvious with songs like “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” Bake a vegan Frozen cake with the help of The Banana Diaries.

10. Rocky Road Reindeer Cake

One of my favorite Christmas movies is the original Rudolph movie from 1964, the same year my mom was born. If you like reindeer too, here’s a rocky road reindeer cake from The Little Blog of Vegan.

11. Guacamole Wreath

We usually have a bag of Tostitos chips in the snack section of our Christmas buffet. A guacamole wreath, like the one from Veggies Save The Day, would be a terrific idea.

12. Vegan Gingerbread Cookies

When I see gingerbread cookies, I think of the folktale The Gingerbread Man. Here are vegan gingerbread cookies from Namely Marly.

Feel free to have additional gingerbread recipes.

14. Pesto Star Bread

Who’s looking for the Star of Bethlehem? Then bake some pesto star bread from Plantifully Based.

15. Cashew Nut Roast

I apologize for not having that many main courses on this list, but a Christmas roast will do the trick. Have this cashew nut roast from Thinly Spread.

16. Wreath Fruit Platter

When there’s a veggie tray, there’s usually a fruit platter nearby. Here’s a wreath fruit platter from Keeping the Peas.

17. Wreath Taco Ring

If you like tacos, here’s the Christmas appetizer for you. Try making a wreath taco ring from Food with Feeling.

If you want more tacos, there are way more tacos besides this recipe.

18. Vegan Mistletoe Chestnut Loaves

The only difference between the vegetarian and vegan versions of this recipe is if you use dairy butter (vegetarian) or dairy-free butter (vegan). Have vegan mistletoe chestnut loaves from Veggie Desserts.

19. Vegan Grinch Cake

I can sometimes be a massive grinch around the holidays. If you like the Grinch from Dr. Seuss, bake a Grinch cake thanks to Gretchen’s Vegan Bakery.

20. Reindeer Celery

If you’re skipping the dessert table this Christmas, that doesn’t mean you’re avoiding all of the fun this holiday. A healthy alternative is reindeer celery from Keeping the Peas.

21. Vegan Mashed Potato Snowperson

A nice side to any meal is mashed potatoes, but wouldn’t they be even better if they were snowpeople for the holidays? Make a vegan mashed potato snowperson from Vegan Dollhouse.

22. Vegan Christmas Pancakes

If you’re hosting a Christmas brunch, one idea is to have pancakes shaped like your favorite Christmas creatures. Make Christmas pancakes from Eating by Elaine.

Please have more things for breakfast besides pancakes.

23. Vegan Polar Bear Ramen

If you’re interested in having something untraditional for Christmas, ramen is an excellent option. I’m cool with it because I’m used to going to Chinese and the movies on Christmas Day.

Have some polar bear ramen from Yukitchen. Make sure you use her suggestion to swap maple syrup for honey to make it vegan.

24. Cauliflower Snowperson

I doubt we’ll have a white Christmas this year when it’ll be over 50 degrees Fahrenheit for the high. At least I can make a cauliflower snowperson as a consolation prize, thanks to Vegan Mom Blog.

25. Christmas Tree Snacks

My dad keeps saying that I have the most fruit in my home out of any person who lives by themselves that he knows. That means I could easily make one of these Christmas tree snacks without buying any extra groceries from Eating Richly.

26. Vegan Chocolate Reindeer Brownies

If you’re looking for some great vegan recipes, see what your favorite news websites have to offer. Here are vegan chocolate reindeer brownies from Today.

You may like these brownie recipes.

27. Vegan Christmas Tree Steamed Buns

Steamed buns are Chinese filled buns. To make them more festive, try Christmas tree steamed buns from A StepFull of You.

28. Vegan Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies

If you’re missing Pillsbury’s cookies, here’s the cookie recipe for you. Try these vegan Christmas tree sugar cookies from The Home Baked Vegan.

29. Vegan Wreath Filo Pie

You can find filo pastries in Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisines. Here’s a wreath filo pie from The Vegan Larder.

Try these vegan pie recipes if you would rather have a pie for dessert.

30. Polar Bear Cake

If you prefer a winter wonderland theme over a religious one for your baked goodies, make food that looks like a polar bear. Here’s a vegan polar bear cake from The Little Blog of Vegan.

31. Vegan Christmas Tree Brownies

Brownies are one of my favorite desserts. Have these Christmas tree brownies from Nourishing Amy.

32. Chocolate Cherry Mini Cakes

I hardly ever see mistletoes besides in Hallmark Christmas romances. Here are mini mistletoe cakes from Nirvana Cakery.

Here are other cherry recipes.

33. Vegan Santa Hat Cupcakes

At the Christmas celebration for my dad’s side of the family, his sister (my aunt) likes to get people to wear Christmas hats and bows while we open presents. Make Santa hat cupcakes from The Banana Diaries.

Note that these cupcakes contain pistachios.

34. Vegan Savory Wreath

I’m pretty familiar with pizzas being half one flavor and half another with my big family, but here’s a Christmas main dish with two flavors: truffled mushroom mince and butternut squash colcannon.

Here’s Stu Henshall’s savory wreath recipe featured in Vegan Food and Living.

35. Vegan Snowperson Cookies

I have two more snowperson recipes to share with you. Have some snowperson cookies from Globalmouse Travels.

36. Vegan Snowperson Mantou

Mantou is Chinese steamed buns. Try this snowperson mantou from A StepFull of You.

37. Christmas Tree Veggie Tray

You can never have enough options for Christmas veggie trays. Have a Christmas tree veggie tray from Keeping the Peas.

38. Vegan Poinsettia Cupcakes

I once got a free poinsettia plant that they were giving away at church that lasted for five years when I didn’t have that much of a green thumb. Make poinsettia cupcakes from Eight Forest Lane.

39. Vegan Yule Log

I like this Yule log recipe due to its adorable hedgehogs. It is one of the many excellent Christmas recipes by The Little Blog of Vegan.

40. Vegan Christmas Pinwheel Cookies

If you’re into candy cane stripes, check out these pinwheel cookies from Gina Michele. They’re even better with sprinkles on the sides.

41. Vegan Charcuterie Christmas Wreath

Vegan cheese and deli meat exist. Use some to make a vegan charcuterie Christmas wreath from Daughter of Seitan.

42. Vegan Christmas Cookie Tree

If you’ve seen Cupcake Wars or Cake Boss, you should get the memo on how to turn a thing of cookies into art. For example, create a Christmas cookie tree with the help of The Banana Diaries.

43. Nightmare Before Christmas Cookies

The Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite Christmas and Halloween movie. Bake some Nightmare Before Christmas cookies from Vegan Dollhouse.

44. Mini Christmas Pudding Bites

As an American, this recipe looks nowhere close to what I consider pudding to be. If you’re from the UK, these pudding bites from Vegan Punks would be a lot more familiar to your definition of pudding.

45. Vegan Christmas Sugar Cookies

I almost forgot to mention that you can make sugar cookies with whatever Christmas cookie cutters you want. Here’s a vegan Christmas sugar cookie recipe from Vegan in the Freezer.

46. Vegan Gingerbread House Box

If you’re into making gingerbread houses, build a gingerbread house box from A StepFull of You. You may enjoy creating a vegan gingerbread house and reading my vegan gingerbread house review.

47. Santa Veggie Tray

Santa Claus is coming to town soon, so why not make a Santa appetizer to celebrate. Grab your favorite red and white veggies and hummus to assemble a Santa veggie tray from Eating Richly.

48. Christmas Tree Garlic Bread Sharer

I’m in the mood for some garlic bread. Make a Christmas tree garlic bread sharer from So Vegan.

That would go well with vegan pizza.

49. Roasted Brussels Sprouts Christmas Tree

Feel free to have as many veggie sides as you want because they’re good for you. Here’s a Christmas tree made out of Brussels sprouts from Veggie Desserts.

50. Vegan Gingerbread Trifle

The final festive recipe on this list is a Christmas trifle. Have a gingerbread trifle from The Loopy Whisk.


Even though I’m that into Christmas, my cats love it because they have extra decorations and trees to play with, they get more stuff, and I’m home more often.

Have gingerbread, peppermint, and eggnog if you’re not too tired of the holiday festivities. Watch my Christmas taste tests on non-alcoholic drinks, sweets, and treats. Make a gingerbread house and some hot chocolate bombs. Gift someone a Christmas basket, and use a vegan cookbook or two if you’re handy in the kitchen.

For more seasonal blog posts, check out my previous entries on vegan Halloween recipes and vegan Thanksgiving recipes and my future blog posts on vegan Valentine’s Day recipes and vegan Easter recipes.

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