50 Vegan African Recipes

Here is a sneak peek of the numerous vegan dishes that are influenced by African cuisine and others that originate from Africa.

50 Vegan African Recipes


Africa is the most diverse continent globally, but sadly, many don’t see its many faces. Some think of the great African safari with lions, zebras, and cheetahs. Others remember Egyptian pyramids and pharaohs. In recent years, the Black Panther movie series paints a high-tech image of Africa with Wakanda, a fictional country with advanced technology and customs that incorporate traditional African cultural elements.

Unfortunately, most associate Africa with poverty due to many humanitarian commercials with malnourished children having bloated bellies (kwashiorkor). Their advertisements exclusively focus on the food and economic disparities of some regions, which is often the only view of Africa that people outside of the continent see.

In reality, Africa comprises over fifty countries ranging in wealth and resources. This continent is the home of over a billion people who speak thousands of languages.

In honor of Kwanzaa, I wanted to highlight some African dishes.

The first half covers American cuisines with an African influence in honor of the American descendants of slavery.

  • Creole
  • Southern United States
  • Soul Food
  • Afro-Caribbean
  • South American

The other half is traditional African dishes for American immigrants from all African countries.

  • Northern Africa
  • East Africa
  • Central Africa
  • Southern Africa (Southern Africa is a region of Africa. South Africa is a country in Southern Africa.)
  • West Africa

Try these vegan African recipes today.