11 Reasons Why Vegan Blogs Can Be Deceiving

Vegan bloggers seem like they know it all. The problem is they can seem deceiving to the common viewer. Learn more.

11 Reasons Why Vegan Blogs Can Be Deceiving
Photo by Juno Jo / Unsplash


Hello, people! Crash and Edward felt like showing off their mischievous ways. Their victim was my vegan pantry, but don’t worry. They embrace the I-don’t-know-what-you’re-talking-about look every time I catch them in the act of messing with my food. Wow, my cats are so original (sarcasm).

Like my pantry, I would like to share with you why reading vegan blogs can make you a hot mess. In the meantime, enjoy a bunch of pictures of Crash’s love for vegan food. If you need a refresher on what veganism is, check out this blog post.

As a side note, I do not support, disapprove of, or agree with any vegan blogs mentioned and/or linked in this blog post. Rather, this criticism focuses on why vegan blogs aren’t that accessible for vegan beginners and non-vegans, based on their vegan recipes.

  1. Broad ingredient list
  2. Non-vegan ingredients
  3. Vegan substitutes
  4. Strange ingredients
  5. Debatable definition of vegan
  6. Taste preferences
  7. Cuisines
  8. Food accessibility
  9. Cross-contamination
  10. Sounds too easy
  11. Hard to understand