9 Ways to Eat Healthier Without Becoming Vegan

9 Ways to Eat Healthier Without Becoming Vegan
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I know this might shock you, but here it goes. Veganism and healthy eating aren’t synonymous. Yes, overweight vegans exist, and no, giving someone a kale shirt isn’t convincing them to eat their vegetables.

Lucky for you, here are nine ways you can eat healthier as a non-vegan, and if you follow a tip or two, maybe you’ll fit into more clothes five years from now besides your favorite hat.

  1. Add another color to your recipe.
  2. Buy a healthy cookbook.
  3. Get an accountability buddy.
  4. Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.
  5. Have a garden.
  6. Buy more food at the farmers’ market.
  7. Cook more.
  8. Keep your healthy food at eye level and junk food out of sight.
  9. Admit your eating flaws.
Megan McFadden

Megan McFadden

Megan is the owner of Mischievous Monsters. She has been vegan since March 2017 and likes making jigsaw puzzles, cooking, gardening, watching telenovelas, and biking in her spare time.
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