9 Ways to Eat Healthier Without Becoming Vegan

Vegans are known for eating "rabbit food." Despite the stereotype, eating more plant-based is healthier for you. Learn more.

9 Ways to Eat Healthier Without Becoming Vegan
Photo by Edgar Castrejon / Unsplash


I know this might shock you, but here it goes. Veganism and healthy eating aren’t synonymous. Yes, overweight vegans exist, and no, giving someone a kale shirt isn’t convincing them to eat their vegetables.

Lucky for you, here are nine ways you can eat healthier as a non-vegan, and if you follow a tip or two, maybe you’ll fit into more clothes five years from now besides your favorite hat.

  1. Add another color to your recipe.
  2. Buy a healthy cookbook.
  3. Get an accountability buddy.
  4. Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.
  5. Have a garden.
  6. Buy more food at the farmers’ market.
  7. Cook more.
  8. Keep your healthy food at eye level and junk food out of sight.
  9. Admit your eating flaws.