14 Vegan Dating Tips

Dating is tough, especially if your date is vegan. Here are 14 vegan dating tips to spice up the romance.

14 Vegan Dating Tips
Photo by Tushar Jain / Unsplash


For anyone who knows me, they would be extremely confused why I wrote this blog post because I’ve never been on a romantic date before. The truth is even though the probability of me dating anyone anytime soon, let alone ever, is slim, the romance department is a pretty important topic to talk about, especially if your significant other is or may become vegan.

Since Valentine’s Day is on the 14th of February, here are 14 tips on how to keep your vegan sweetheart loving you forever.

  1. Learn what veganism is and how it is different from being a vegetarian.
  2. Date locations matter.
  3. Only eat at vegan-friendly restaurants.
  4. Before you get a pet together, make sure they consider it ethical to have a pet.
  5. Buy them vegan stuff.
  6. Get rid of the leather.
  7. Get a consensus on if your current or future kids should be vegan or non-vegan.
  8. Change your language to be more animal-friendly around your significant other.
  9. Tell your family that your significant other is vegan, and it is upmost important to respect that.
  10. Don’t give them a diamond engagement ring.
  11. Spend some time researching veganism for your significant other’s sake.
  12. Learn how to cook vegan meals.
  13. Don’t treat your significant other differently due to their vegan lifestyle.
  14. Become vegan.