10 Tips for Welcoming a Vegan Guest to Thanksgiving

10 Tips for Welcoming a Vegan Guest to Thanksgiving
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Even though it is in the sixties Fahrenheit for highs today, it's a week from Thanksgiving, so it's time to discuss the question on many people's minds.

How can I accommodate everyone for Thanksgiving?

I'm not a complete expert on all dietary restrictions, food allergies, dish preferences, cultural differences, and so on. However, I can give you ten tips for accommodating vegans this Thanksgiving. These suggestions also work for serving vegetarians since all vegan food is vegetarian.

  1. Serve a vegan-friendly main course.
  2. Use a different utensil to serve every dish.
  3. Please do not ask about their food.
  4. Avoid having them assist in the kitchen.
  5. Treat veganism like an allergy.
  6. Ask for recipe recommendations.
  7. Have everyone bring a dish to Thanksgiving.
  8. Set the vegan dishes away from the nonvegan main courses.
  9. Practice creating the vegan recipes before the big day.
  10. Have a frozen vegan meal as backup.
Megan McFadden

Megan McFadden

Megan is the owner of Mischievous Monsters. She has been vegan since March 2017 and likes making jigsaw puzzles, cooking, gardening, watching telenovelas, and biking in her spare time.
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