What is Veganuary, and Why Should I Care?

Veganuary is a movement where people go vegan for January. Learn more.

What is Veganuary, and Why Should I Care?
Photo by Brigitta Baranyi / Unsplash


The new year has just begun. Do you know what that means? It's an opportunity for a fresh start. In terms of veganism, let’s get our learning caps on and talk about a vegan concept that’s somewhat related to New Year’s resolutions: Veganuary.

Before diving in, if you don’t fully get what veganism is, here’s the inside scoop on veganism. Also, if you’re not vegan and haven’t had much experience with vegan blogs, I wrote down 11 reasons why non-vegans may struggle to make vegan recipes successfully through vegan blogs alone.


Veganuary is the concept of going vegan in January as your New Year’s resolution, and hopefully, you will become vegan beyond the month of January. Here is the official Veganuary website for more concrete information about it. People’s reasonings for participating mainly are for the animals, the environment, and their health.

I’ve never participated in Veganuary, and none of the above reasons were related to why I went vegan in 2017. Nevertheless, the main issue I have with Veganuary is it’s not accessible to everyone. Going completely vegan is hard and requires a lot of work and discipline.

Fortunately, here are 20 ways to be more plant-based and transition into a vegan lifestyle if you decide to do so. The first 10 are dietary changes, and the last 10 are lifestyle changes.

  1. Add Meatless Mondays to your eating routine.
  2. Become vegetarian.
  3. Be a chegan.
  4. Gradually become vegan one food at a time.
  5. Have more plant-based foods and less animal-based foods.
  6. Try going vegetarian this October.
  7. Try some foods with a certified vegan logo.
  8. Make or extend your own pantry.
  9. Go to a vegetarian or vegan fest.
  10. Get all of your necessary vitamins and minerals.
  11. Get a pet.
  12. Install renewable energy.
  13. Drive less.
  14. Enjoy nature.
  15. Don’t litter.
  16. Waste less.
  17. Educate others, especially future generations.
  18. Travel.
  19. Take care of yourself.
  20. Adopt.