25 Vegan Raspberry Recipes

25 Vegan Raspberry Recipes

25 Vegan Raspberry Recipes


Happy February! I apologize for the month-long break from writing! I got busy and started a new job, but now, I’m back with new blog content in time for Valentine’s Day.

One fruit that I think of during this time of the year is a thing of raspberries, not just they match Valentine’s Day colors. Instead, raspberries seem a bit romantic, but that comes from someone who has never been on a date before.

Maybe the love bug will come this Valentine’s Day besides my cats spreading fake rose petals around the house that I haven’t picked up yet from making my Valentine’s Day YouTube videos. We’ll see if love comes my way in ways besides cat kisses and sappy romcoms. Until then, feel free to make some of these vegan raspberry recipes, no matter if you have plans this Valentine’s Day or not.

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1. Raspberry Bounty Bars

I have a hard time explaining the few chocolate candies that I like, and that’s why I tend to tell people that I’m not too fond of candy entirely. These raspberry Bounty bars from Addicted to Dates look delicious though.

You may also like some vegan Halloween candy and creating vegan candy recipes.

2. Raspberry Pecan Waffles

Before COVID-19 came along, my home parish had a big Belgian waffle breakfast every year. If that is up your alley, make raspberry pecan waffles with the help of Orchids + Sweet Tea.

Here are more vegan breakfast recipes.

3. Raspberry Orange Smoothie Bowl

My cousin is obsessed with smoothie bowls because she thinks they’re super pretty. Even though the idea of them seems aesthetically pleasing, it’s a waste of time to make a smoothie beautiful when you’re going to eat it, no matter how it looks.

Try a raspberry orange smoothie bowl from Purely Kaylie. Try other vegan smoothies and more orange recipes.

4. Raspberry Popsicles

It’s a little too early in the year to be having popsicles. I consider them a summer treat, but some have them year-round. Here are some raspberry popsicles from Blooming Nolwenn.

You may also like making more vegan popsicles.

5. White Chocolate Raspberry Rice Crispy Treats

Rice Krispies Treats give me nostalgia, but sadly, they aren’t vegan because they contain marshmallows (gelatin), butter (dairy), and Rice Krispies cereal (animal-derived vitamin D3).

Make vegan white chocolate raspberry rice crispy treats thanks to Cotter Crunch. Just use Arrowhead Mills puffed rice cereal like you would use Rice Krispies, and you’ll be set.

6. Spooky Halloween Cheesecake

Try this Halloween lemon raspberry cheesecake from Romy London. If you’re still in the Halloween spirit, make these vegan Halloween recipes.

7. Raspberry White Chocolate Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a party favorite because they are individual servings of your favorite flavors. Bake raspberry white chocolate cupcakes from The Little Blog of Vegan.

Try these vegan cupcake recipes.

8. Raspberry Lemonade

If you want something different from strawberry lemonade, what about raspberry? Try this raspberry lemonade from Healthier Steps.

This recipe would be an excellent addition to a vegan grad party.

9. Raspberry Banana Bread

Arman from The Big Man’s World is one of my favorite non-vegan food bloggers because he tends to write his recipes so that you can easily make it vegan or have it not vegan for anybody who prefers to use common cooking ingredients.

For this raspberry banana bread, the variable ingredients can be vegan or not vegan. Note that this recipe does typically not contain eggs.

  • 1/2 cup butter vegan or standard, melted (You would use vegan butter to make it vegan.)
  • 1/4 cup milk of choice (You would use plant-based milk to make it vegan, like his recommendation to use unsweetened almond milk.)
  • 1/4 cup chocolate chips of choice optional (You would buy vegan chocolate chips from brands like Enjoy Life to make the bread vegan.)

Have some banana recipes while you’re at it.

10. Raspberry Crescent French Toast Casserole

Larisha and Andrew from Make It Dairy Free are experts in vegan breakfast food, and they probably have at least 20 flavors of cinnamon rolls on their website, all vegan too.

Make their raspberry crescent French toast casserole at your next family brunch or just because.

11. Raspberry Macarons

Let’s talk about macarons for a minute. Macaron expert Camila from Pies and Tacos has this fabulous vegan raspberry macaron recipe perfect for you.

You may also like my blog post on vegan cookie recipes.

12. Raspberry Almond Bars

Bars are excellent for hangouts, especially for watching the upcoming Winter Olympics and Super Bowl. Bake raspberry almond bars from Bianca Zapatka.

13. Chocolate Raspberry Cake

February is my grandpa’s birthday month. A lovely cake flavor would be this chocolate raspberry cake from The Loopy Whisk.

Here are more vegan cake flavors.

14. Raspberry Brownies

Brownies are one of my favorite desserts because they are the easiest to prep and the hardest dish to mess up. Here are raspberry brownies from Lazy Cat Kitchen.

You may like these brownie recipes.

15. Raspberry Elderberry Ice Cream

I haven’t tried elderberries before, but apparently, they go well with raspberries. Here is some raspberry elderberry ice cream from Seitan is my Motor.

Check out my vegan ice cream guide and create more vegan ice cream recipes if this sounds good.

16. Raspberry Chipotle Black Bean Dip

One of the people I follow on Twitter recently made chili with chocolate to give it a richer flavor. Another strange-sounding combo that’s supposedly yummy is raspberries in a spicy bean dip, like this raspberry chipotle black bean dip recipe from Minimalist Baker.

Have some vegan Mexican recipes and vegan tacos.

17. Raspberry Hot Cocoa

I’m in the mood for some hot chocolate. What about you? Then make raspberry hot chocolate with the help of Vegan Yack Attack.

Have more vegan hot cocoa today.

18. Raspberry White Chocolate Muffins

I would rather have a muffin over a cupcake because they’re way less sugary. Bake some raspberry white chocolate muffins from blue border.

19. Rhubarb Raspberry Crisp

I have a decent rhubarb patch in my yard. Maybe when it’s in season again, I can make this rhubarb raspberry crisp from Nourishing Amy.

Here are more rhubarb recipes.

20. Chocolate Raspberry Truffles

If you would rather skip the Valentine’s Day chocolate boxes this year, a great alternative is homemade truffles. Make chocolate raspberry truffles with the help of From My Bowl.

21. Raspberry Chia Pudding

One downside of being vegan is it’s challenging to find vegan pudding with all of the dairy and gelatin that are usually in it. Fortunately, many chia pudding recipes are vegan.

Try raspberry chia pudding from Choosing Chia.

22. Raspberry White Chocolate Cake Balls

Years ago, my mom and some of my siblings made a ton of flavors of cake balls around Christmastime along with peanut brittle, chocolate pretzels, buckeyes, and more desserts. Some of the cake ball flavors were carrot cake, Oreo, chocolate, and red velvet.

Try these vegan raspberry white chocolate cake balls from The Vegan Harmony if you like cake balls.

23. Raspberry Lemon Pancakes

It would be so romantic to give your lover pancakes in bed on Valentine’s Day, right? Make raspberry lemon pancakes from The Delicious Plate.

If you want to make this recipe vegan, use maple syrup for the pancake sweetener over honey when the recipe says use maple syrup or honey.

Try these lemon recipes today.

24. Raspberry Rhubarb Glazed Donuts

I’m disappointed because the local donut place only has vegan donuts on the weekends, and I’m not wasting over half an hour driving into town to get one.

Fortunately, I have a donut pan at home. I should use it to make these raspberry rhubarb glazed donuts from A Dash of Megnut.

25. Pineapple Raspberry Wine Spritzer

The last raspberry recipe I have for you is for adults only. Here’s a pineapple raspberry wine spritzer from Vegan Yack Attack. If you don’t drink like me, you can substitute kombucha for the wine.

Make more pineapple recipes.


Buying a bunch of raspberries isn’t going to give you true love, but it might be a great distraction for your lover to forget you have four cats and one who has no concept of a litter box. Forget it. The closest thing I’ll come to romance anytime soon is my cats and I share the same bed, but I’m cool with that.

Love sounds way too complicated, and I would instead come home to cats who unconditionally love me than a guy who’s a complete jerk. I’ll stick to figuring out how to make more friends for now and go from there.

If you want more fruit recipes, try making recipes with strawberries, pomegranates, cranberries, and apples. If you’re more of a veggie fan, I also have recipes made out of asparagus, peas, sweet potatoes, and corn.

Have a fantastic Valentine’s Day.

Megan McFadden

Megan McFadden

Megan is the owner of Mischievous Monsters. She has been vegan since March 2017 and likes making jigsaw puzzles, cooking, gardening, watching telenovelas, and biking in her spare time.
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