45 Vegan Brownie Recipes

45 Vegan Brownie Recipes

45 Vegan Brownie Recipes


Brownies are a party favorite. My guess is due to easiness and convenience, but they are also scrumptious.

Many are so used to stereotypical Betty Crocker brownies that they have lost their originality. After all, many believe spicing brownies up means adding extra chocolate chips, and if they are being wild, maybe a dollop of peanut butter.

Let’s expand our purview of brownies. Try these vegan brownie recipes today.

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1. Beet Brownies

I tend to buy beets because they sound tasty in a recipe on Pinterest, but I usually forget to use them before they spoil. Hopefully, I’ll improve by reducing my food waste this year.

In terms of beets, bake beet brownies with the help of Crowded Kitchen. You may like these beet recipes.

2. Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies

Some of my siblings confuse me because they spoon peanut butter out of the jar and eat it alone. At the same time, I’m not much of a peanut butter person in general.

Try these peanut butter swirl brownies from Nora Cooks.

3. Chickpea Brownies

I had never heard of chickpeas before going vegan. Ever since, I’ve seen them everywhere, from hummus to using aquafaba as a vegan egg replacement.

If you like chickpeas (aka garbanzos), bake chickpea brownies with the help of Keeping the Peas.

4. Rhubarb Brownies

I have a decent rhubarb patch next to my garden beds of asparagus. The problem is there is way too much rhubarb to eat by myself.

I must be more creative with incorporating rhubarb into my diet. One way to do that is to make rhubarb brownies, a recipe by The Plant-Based Wok.

For more inspiration, try these rhubarb recipes.

5. Christmas Tree Brownies

Christmastime came and went. Sadly, I didn’t make anything fun to celebrate.

If you’re into festive desserts, bake Christmas tree brownies with the help of Nourishing Amy. Then, check out these Christmas recipes.

6. Zucchini Brownies

My mom and one of my younger sisters used to make chocolate zucchini bread during the summertime. They submitted their recipe to the family cookbook. My sister also got a ribbon at the city fair for it.

I don’t keep track of their zucchini usage anymore due to not living with either of them, but I wish I could make something similar but vegan. Luckily, ElaVegan has my back with these zucchini brownies.

7. Coconut Brownies

The biggest perk of a summer birthday is I am used to going on vacation on my birthday, but it wasn’t always fun and games. On one of our vacations, my parents mistakenly bought me a German chocolate cake because they thought it was my favorite cake flavor when I wouldn’t say I liked shredded coconut.

If you’re a coconut fan, I recommend trying these coconut brownies from Purely Kaylie.

Use maple syrup or agave for the coconut layer to make it vegan.

8. Strawberry Brownies

After I moved to my acreage, one of my gardening goals was to make a strawberry patch. The tricky thing was getting the weather to cooperate with my gardening plans.

Last spring, I got a tray of strawberry plants from the local hardware store, but it was too windy or rainy during my free time to plant them. When it was nice outside on one of my days off, most of the plants died while a prickly weed invaded all my flower and asparagus beds. I ended up planting the remaining plants in flower pots, and I plan on transferring them to the garden if they survive the winter.

At least I don’t need a strawberry patch to make these strawberry brownies from Vegan Richa. You may like these strawberry recipes.

9. Black Bean Brownies

If you have picky eaters at home, here is the recipe for you. Bake these black bean brownies with the help of Loving It Vegan.

10. Orange Brownies

I love oranges, but I struggle to store them properly. I need to do more research on that.

In terms of brownies, here are some orange brownies from Baked by Clo. Feel free to make these orange recipes.

11. Pomegranate Brownies

Pomegranates are tricky because they’re hard to cut and find ripe.

Have some pomegranate brownies from The Delicious Plate. For inspiration, here are more pomegranate recipes.

12. Squirrel Brownies

There are a couple of types of squirrels near me. I have red squirrels by my and my parents’ houses, but there are gray squirrels at my college alma mater.

In honor of squirrels everywhere, bake squirrel brownies with the help of Vegan Dollhouse.

13. Slutty Brownies

Slutty brownies are one of my cousin’s favorite desserts, probably because of the great combo of brownie on the top, Oreos in the middle, and cookie dough on the bottom.

If that sounds good, make slutty brownies, thanks to Plantiful Emma.

14. S’more Brownies

My dad tends to have s’mores when he makes brush fires. If you are unaware, these fires tend to be at least the size of a one-story house, so that isn’t the safest idea. I hope he waits for the fire to calm down before making them.

If you like s’mores but are cautious about fires like I am, you may prefer these s’more brownies from Healthy Little Vittles. Here are more s’more recipes.

15. Rosemary Brownies

Rosemary is a complex herb because a little goes a long way, so you would rather err on less than more.

If you like rosemary, try these rosemary brownies from Foodaciously.

16. Hot Chocolate Brownies

Sometimes on a cold day, I dump my winter clothes by my front door and rush to make a fresh cup of hot chocolate.

In terms of brownies, bake hot chocolate brownies with the help of flourished by nature. Try these hot cocoa recipes today.

17. Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies

For the past two autumns, I’ve experimented with pumpkin desserts. The main issue I’ve encountered with baking with pumpkin is that it is moister than I think. I should try adding more flour and see what that does.

Make pumpkin cheesecake brownies with the help of Bianca Zapatka. There are more pumpkin recipes worth making than that.

18. Snickers Brownies

You can tell which pickup truck is my dad’s because he usually keeps a bag of mini Snickers behind the driver’s seat.

You may like these Snickers brownies from Purely Kaylie if you want Snickers. Here are some candy recipes and a vegan Halloween candy guide.

19. Biscoff Brownies

My siblings, sister-in-law, and I did a Secret Santa because it is too expensive to buy quality presents for seven people. My youngest sister got me some cat toys, fuzzy socks, vegan hot chocolate, and Biscoff cookies.

I was surprised that she got me vegan food items in my gift because I got a few non-vegan things in some of my other Christmas presents, and she told me that was a no-brainer.

In case you were unaware, regular Biscoff cookies are vegan. If you would like to use some in your baking, bake Biscoff brownies with the help of The Little Blog of Vegan.

20. Banana Brownies

Bananas can be as fussy as avocados sometimes when it comes to ripeness. If they are too green, they taste weird. They aren’t yellow and ripe for long before they get brown spots and become mushy.

If your bananas are beyond their peak, don’t throw them out. Instead, have banana brownies instead from My Quiet Kitchen. You may also like these banana recipes.

21. Gingerbread Fudge Brownies

I’m still salty because I failed at making a gingerbread house this past Christmas. The frosting wasn’t doing its job. It spread all over the table and wrecked the sides and roof pieces that weren’t up yet.

I have more luck with gingerbread cookies. These gingerbread fudge brownies from Nourishing Amy sound delicious. For more inspiration, try these gingerbread recipes and making gingerbread houses.

22. Pecan Caramel Brownies

Pecan and caramel have one major thing in common: the pronunciations show off dialect, especially in the United States. Yes, I took a few linguistics classes in college.

I’m done with the boring details because I’m hungry. If you are too, make pecan caramel brownies from blue border.

23. Peanut Butter Jelly Brownies

A favorite childhood meal was peanut butter jelly sandwiches. Even though I don’t eat them anymore, I can still feel nostalgic for these peanut butter jelly brownies, a recipe by Vegan Yack Attack.

24. Raspberry Brownies

The family farm used to have raspberry bushes by the central garden before someone ran them over, thinking they were weeds. We never replaced them, but I hope to plant some on my acreage this spring.

Until then, I can buy raspberries from the store and make raspberry brownies, thanks to Lazy Cat Kitchen. You may like these raspberry recipes.

25. Hocus Pocus Brownies

Last Halloween, I watched Hocus Pocus 2 with my best friend and three kittens sleeping on my lap during the entire movie. I usually don’t like sequels, but this one was great.

If you want some witchery in your baking, have Hocus Pocus brownies from The Banana Diaries. Here are more Halloween recipes.

26. Hemp Brownies

After going vegan, I started learning about various edible seeds, from flax to chia. If you like hemp seeds, make hemp brownies with the help of Foodaciously.

27. Mint Chocolate Brownies

When my sisters and I were in Girl Scouts, we weren’t the best at selling cookies. Besides my immediate family, the only people who bought them were some of my mom’s doctor friends because she brought our cookie signups to work.

My favorite is Thin Mints. If that sounds good, bake mint chocolate brownies with the help of The Little Blog of Vegan.

28. Brownie Berry Kebabs

I’ve heard of many weird family disputes, but this one makes no sense: a neverending argument over kebabs.

Yes, I get that people don’t want the same things on their kebabs and that there is cross-contamination for allergies and a vegan lifestyle. At the same time, why can’t everyone be in charge of creating their own instead of wasting their time fighting?

In the case of brownies, have brownie berry kebabs from Zucker&Jagdwurst.

29. Chocolate Turtle Brownies

My old babysitter bakes goodies for my family every Christmas, like chocolate turtles. If that sounds good, make chocolate turtle brownies with the help of The Mindful Hapa.

30. Candy Cane Brownies

This past Christmas, I was craving peppermint chocolate cake and wanted to make a triple-layered cake. Sadly, the nearby stores ran out of vegan candy canes, and my taste-testing siblings returned home.

Fortunately, I can buy candy canes on Amazon and use an 8″ x 8″ pan to bake candy cane brownies from Nourishing Amy. You may like these peppermint recipes.

31. Nutella Brownies

I recently found a great vegan alternative to Nutella called Nutiva. If you have chocolate nut butter handy, I recommend these Nutella brownies from Purely Kaylie.

32. Pretzel Brownies

At first, M&M’s Sweet & Salty Snack Mix confused me because I didn’t get why anyone would eat that flavor combo. My youngest sibling mentioned later that many people like sweetness and saltiness together.

If you like brownies with extra salt and crunch, bake pretzel brownies with the help of Rabbit and Wolves.

33. Cosmic Brownies

I didn’t have a lot of store-bought desserts as a kid besides after ballgames and at Girl Scouts. One classic was Cosmic Brownies because of the unforgettable combo of chocolaty goodness and mega sprinkles.

Make vegan Cosmic Brownies with the help of Six Vegan Sisters. You may like these traditional American recipes.

34. Avocado Brownies

I need an excuse to buy more avocados because they’re so tasty. I need to make more tacos, enchiladas, and tortilla soup.

If you have any avocados handy, bake avocado brownies from The Conscious Plant Kitchen.

35. Mexican Brownies

I miss the Mexican brownies that New Pioneer Co-op used to sell before Covid. Fortunately, I can bake Mexican brownies at home with the help of The Curious Chickpea.

Try these vegan Mexican recipes.

36. Sweet Potato Brownies

A family friend tried making these sweet potato brownies from A Couple Cooks but struggled due to ingredient swapping. I’ve done this plenty of times, but I’ve gotten better at avoiding it because it usually messes up the recipe.

On another note, you may enjoy these sweet potato recipes.

37. Mochi Brownies

I found vegan mochi at Target (My/Mochi), which is delicious. If you don’t have that product available locally, here’s an excellent alternative.

Use rice flour, dark chocolate, and coconut milk to make mochi brownies from Foodaciously. Check out these vegan ice cream recipes and my vegan ice cream guide.

38. Cherry Cheesecake Brownies

A month or two after the last cherry season ended, one of my neighbors stopped by right after I got home from work and asked if he could have some cherries. Well, it was too late by then, so I said no.

If you like cherries, have these cherry cheesecake brownies from Bianca Zapatka. Here are more cherry recipes.

39. Chocolate Mousse Brownies

If you like extra chocolate, this recipe is for you. Have chocolate mousse brownies from Rabbit and Wolves.

40. Shortbread Brownies

I never got the hype on shortbread. They taste super plain and lack authentic flavor.

For anyone who disagrees with me, bake shortbread brownies with the help of The Little Blog of Vegan.

41. Rocky Road Brownies

Eva from The Curious Chickpea introduced her rocky road brownie recipe, saying we vegans have all come across our share of disappointing brownies. The reason is many don’t substitute brownie ingredients correctly.

I’m happy that there are food bloggers like her who can develop terrific baked goods, especially with how intense baking can be as a science.

42. Pear Walnut Brownies

I’m starting to get why some people consider fruit as desserts. For example, pears have a magical sweet quality to them. No, I’m not talking about the fairytale kind. Rather, pears are known for being sweet in terms of taste.

If you need any inspiration, here are pear walnut brownies from Sweeter than Oats. You may also like these pear recipes.

43. Caramel Brownies

One of my coworkers was nice enough to make me some caramel corn for Christmas. I tried some, and it had good taste. I don’t have the heart to tell them that I wouldn’t say I like caramel because it gets stuck on my teeth.

If you enjoy the taste of caramel, I recommend caramel brownies, a recipe by Addicted to Dates.

44. Tahini Brownies

The secret ingredient to these tahini brownies from Rainbow Plant Life isn’t forgetting to tell everyone about the tahini. It is honeynut squash. I haven’t seen it in the store before, but I found honeynut squash seeds at Gurneys.

You may also like these winter squash recipes.

45. Quinoa Brownies

One vegan stereotype I’ve heard is vegans are health nuts. I was one when I first became vegan.

Even though I have changed my ways over time, I still incorporate quinoa into my baking and cooking. You can do that through these quinoa brownies from The Conscious Plant Kitchen.


Brownies can be whatever you want them to be. They are more than a Betty Crocker box with extra chocolate chips or additional peanut butter. Instead, they are a dessert that holds valuable memories for many, from graduation parties to get-togethers with friends.

If this blog post didn’t satisfy your sweet tooth, make a cake, pie, ice cream, or cheesecake. If you would rather have fruit for dessert, try recipes with watermelon, pineapple, blackberry, or mango.

Stay tuned for my next blog post on vegan soup recipes.